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Based in Bahrain, AMT has been witness to pioneering work in the aluminium industry. Driven by the inherent experience within such international companies such as ALBA

Over the past 25 years, we have amassed an experience and expertise base through interactions with a wealth of international organizations.

Within AMT, we have brought together a solid team of well trained and motivated Bahraini’s from a variety of sectors.


AMT’s main line of business is metal trading.

AMT’s expertise has been trusted in providing consulting services to major decision makers within the industry.

AMT has gained a bulk of its experience by solving logistical issues

Finally, AMT is an investor in, and acts as a promoter for, various greenfield Metals projects across the region

Core Competences

AMT provides a number of essential services to the metal industry including:

  • Access to Customers
  • Unparalleled knowledge of the local industry
  • Insight to the global markets
  • Backbone of suppliers
  • Ability to solve problems
  • Proactive marketing
  • Wide range of capabilities and expertise


Over the past 10 years, AMT has

  • Average annual metal trades of $70 to $100 million
  • Total amount of metals traded exceed 250,000 tonnes
  • No delays, dissatisfaction or claims whatsoever from our clients
Our typical customer profile is:

Primary Users in Europe, the US, South East Asia, the Far East and the Middle East representing some of the biggest names in the industry

End Users all over the globe. Our clientele list numbers over 300 and we are happy to provide references of their experience with us

Suppliers in Middle East

Suppliers in International